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ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation | Crawl Space Encapsulation

ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation | Crawl Space Encapsulation


The ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation offers better protection against water damage while providing long-term value to your home. When you need the best in crawl space encapsulation, you need ArmorBoard.

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ArmorBoard Radiant is the Best in DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation

The ArmorBoard Radiant GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) insulates your crawl space against moisture. This insulation ensures your home is protected against mold, water seepage, and foundation damage.

How does it work? Our product is infused with granite. This infusion creates higher R-values than our competitors. With a higher R-value, your home is better protected against water damage, mold growth, and more.

Furthermore, our patented ArmorBoard system outperforms traditional rigid foam insulation. Our system is 20% more effective than competitors, which means better protection that lasts longer. Lastly, ArmorBoard is super-easy to install. All you need is a lazy afternoon and a nail gun or plastic fasteners.

Is A Wet Crawl Space Bad?

A wet or moist crawl space can lead to musty smells, mold growth, and foundation damage. Water in your crawl space will wreak havoc on your home by endangering your family’s health and lower the value of your property.

Furthermore, a wet crawl space points to future potential issues. For example, if water can easily find its way into your home, so can critters. Additionally, a wet crawl space will lead to wood rot, and structural deterioration as water affects your home’s foundation.

However, you may not need a crawl space contractor to waterproof your home. With the Armorboard Radiant GPS Form Insulation, you can insulate your crawl space against moisture, increase your home’s value, and protect your family.

Key Benefits of the ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation

  • We’ve thoroughly tested our product, so it exceeds the ASTM minimum insulation requirements.
  • Our product is treated with PREVENTOL®TM EPS, a systemic insecticide designed to stop termites.
  • The R-value is R-9.6 insulating at 2″ thickness for added protection.
  • Unlike fiberglass, our product does not degrade over time.
  • Our product is Greenguard certified, and it provides superior indoor quality for your home.
  • GPS is 100% recyclable, and ozone layer friendly. There are no CFCs or HCFCs.
  • The foam insulation is treated with a flame retardant to maximize effectiveness and protection.
  • Easy-installation means fewer headaches and more time to enjoy your dry crawl space.
  • Our product protects your home and family from water damage, mold growth, and invasion from pests.

Order Our Foam Insulation Today!

Are you looking for the best in crawl space encapsulation? Then, you’ll want the ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation. Let our product give you the dry, clean crawl space you’ve always deserved.

Order an ArmorBoard Radiant GPS Foam Insulation today!

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