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  • Dehumidifier for Your Basement | Santa Fe Advance90 | Crawl Space DIY

Dehumidifier for Your Basement | Santa Fe Advance90 | Crawl Space DIY

Dehumidifier for Your Basement | Santa Fe Advance90 | Crawl Space DIY


The Santa Fe Advance90 excels at cleaning your air and reducing humidity in your home. Our device is perfect for wet crawl spaces or damp basements when you want to reduce musty odors and mold growth.


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Is It Worth Getting A Dehumidifier?

Yes. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture in your home’s air. Additionally, a Santa Fe Advance90 will clean your air of allergens and large dust particles. This removal increases the quality of your home and ensures you breathe easily.

Furthermore, you know you need a dehumidifier if:

  • Your room feels or smells musty or stuffy
  • Mold is visible anywhere in your home
  • There are moist and wet stains on your furniture or walls
  • Excess moisture is in the air
  • Windows are covered with condensation

Luckily, the Advance90 dehumidifier from Santa Fe will reduce the moisture in your home. With a horizontal configuration, Santa Fe’s dehumidifier provides a unique dual airflow outlet making it an ideal solution for basements, crawl spaces, and home gyms.

Built with convenience in mind, your dehumidifier can be ducted to your HVAC system and has a control unit that is a simple to use interactive display, making set-up incredibly user-friendly.

Additionally, the Santa Fe Advance90 dehumidifier has dual exhaust vents for increased airflow while consuming less energy.

What Are The Benefits of the Santa Fe Advance90?

  • Removes up to 90 pints or 11.25 gallons of water per day.
  • Perfect for crawl spaces up to 2,220 – 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Perfect for basements up to 2,220 – 2,600 sq. ft.
  • We offer an unmatched 6-year warranty
  • Dual exhaust vents for improved airflow
  • The Advance90 is ideal for operating in the crawl space and other tight areas. Our product will keep going where traditional units will stop.
  • Additionally, our dehumidifier stops mold spores and particles down to one micron in size.
  • Our unit will automatically restart after a power outage.
  • Energy Star rating ensures the Advance90 is energy-efficient and durable.

Our Dehumidifier Is Perfect For:

  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Garages
  • Home theaters
  • Workshops
  • Gun rooms
  • Exercise rooms

The Advance90 Specifications Include:

  • Water Removal: 90 pints per day
  • Sized For: Up to 2,200 Square Feet
  • Current Draw: 5.7 Amps
  • Air Filter: MERV-8
  • Efficiency: 6.4 Pints/kWh
  • Dimensions: 14.5″W, 19.4″H, 26″L
  • Energy Factor: 3.0 L/kWh
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • 9′ Power Cord
  • Dual Exhaust (supply)
  • 8′ drain hose (5/8″ID x 7/8″ OD)

The Advance90 Specifications Include:

From the competitive pricing to the proven results, the Santa Fe Advance90 is the perfect dehumidifier for keeping your property nice, dry, and comfortable.

Additional information

Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 19 × 24 in

1 review for Dehumidifier for Your Basement | Santa Fe Advance90 | Crawl Space DIY

  1. Kyle Milian (verified owner)

    Wonderful purchase. I heard great things about Santa Fe dehumidifers and decided to get this Advance90. Got it for my crawlspace and it pulls out a ton of water, it’s been great. Really easy setup, just unbox, connect the gravity drain tube, make a ptrap, and run it to your sump pump. It’s really heavy though so you may need a buddy to help carry it down to your crawl space. I bought the Santa Fe risers to go with it so it sits above your moisture barrier in case it condensates.

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  • Chad Roberts

    I received this dehumidifier a few weeks ago for my basement and I can’t be any happier with the product. The best part is that there ...

  • Brittney Amos

    Fast Shipping, I just got it installed yesterday but so far I love being able to control it with my phone. Will buy again from Crawl Space D...

  • Eli Weiss

    The main reason I bought from this company is due to free shipping. I went with this dehumidifier due to the ultra-compact design and it fit...

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    I couldn’t believe how fast this dehumidifier arrived at my home and it being free shipping was the cherry on top for me. I will be a ...

  • Cody Stevenson

    This liner was great. I needed help installing it and Crawl Space was able to give me some pointers over the phone....

  • Mike Stiers

    I really like this white drainage matting. Looks great in my crawl space! The price was the best of found for this quality of product....

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