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Aprilaire 1820 (E070) High Capacity Dehumidifier | 70 Pint | Crawl Space DIY

Aprilaire 1820 (E070) High Capacity Dehumidifier | 70 Pint | Crawl Space DIY


Think of the New 1820 (E070) Aprilaire dehumidifier as the lean high-tech younger brother of the 1830.  And we have them in stock! Aprilaire’s Engineers traded a few lesser-used features for a slightly smaller box, and enhanced the workhorse mechanicals of the legendary Model 1830 it is based on.  Perfect for crawl spaces, basements, or attics.


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Aprilaire set out to reduce the size and weight of their popular Model 1830 dehumidifier to accommodate homes with basements, very low crawl spaces, and attics without giving up any of the high-capacity effectiveness that keeps the 1830 Aprilaire dehumidifier a best buy. The New Aprilaire 1820 (E070) whole-home dehumidifier pulls 200 cubic feet of your home’s air past its coils per minute, wringing out 70 pints of water a day, while only consuming 5.8 amps of power.

Plus, the fan can be programmed to keep air circulating without the compressor running to help maintain uniform temperature and humidity throughout the space.  Additionally, the Aprilaire 1820 (E070) dehumidifier comes with 8” duct collars so it is ready to use as a stand-alone unit.  The Aprilaire 1820 (E070) dehumidifier is the perfect addition to any crawl space or basement.

Aprilaire 1820 (E070) Dehumidifier Product Features:

  • Has the capacity to remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day
  • Provides dehumidification for homes up 2,200 square feet
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 8ft. Power Cord
  • Washable MERV 8 filter
  • Adapters for threaded connection or plastic hose included.
  • Leveling screw-in feet included

Aprilaire 1820 (E070) Dehumidifier Specifications:

  • Width: 22 inches
  • Height: 17.5 inches
  • Length: 29 inches
  • Weight: 68.75 lbs
  • 5.8A operating current
  • 200 cfm blower

Installation Guides

Additional information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 18 in

7 reviews for Aprilaire 1820 (E070) High Capacity Dehumidifier | 70 Pint | Crawl Space DIY

  1. blank

    Mark Hastings

    I am by no means an HVAC professional nor a craftsman but I was able to install this unit in my crawl space very easily. I live in the deep south where hot, humid summers are just a fact of life. But after going into my crawl space for a routine termite inspection, I realized just how bad conditions were down there after realizing the the dank, musty odor that we smelled upstairs actually originated in the crawl space.

    When I stalled the unit,the RH in our crawlspace was 88% – the same as the outside condition. I have only had the dehumidifier for a week but it took an amazing amount of water out of the crawlspace. I am guessing the most of the moisture was in the wood. But in any case, the musty odor is no longer present in either the house nor in the crawlspace.

  2. blank

    Mark (verified owner)

    it has taken a couple of weeks but the RH in my house is now at 56% that is down from 72%, The outside RH averages about 80%.

  3. blank

    Steve (verified owner)

    It was an easy installation in my attic. I put one insulated sucking duct into one end of the house and two discharge ducts into separate rooms in the other end. of the house The house is 1400 ft2 with 9 ft ceilings. Because of the differences in temperature between the house and attic, there will be a lot of condensation in the water drain pipe so the drain pipe needs to be insulated too. Within a couple of days humidity in the house was down from about 75 t0 about 50. I was concerned about noise but it turned out to not be a problem. The noise is not louder than a refrigerator and noise is mainly due to the sucking of air into the attic. Seems to be working great. Fingers crossed.

    DIY, the dealer I bought the unit from was great. The unit was delivered extremely quick (3 days) and when I called to ask an installation question they got back to me within a couple of hours.

  4. blank

    Jim Musser (verified owner)

    Last fall I was told my 3-yr-old dehumidifier was on its last legs. The company who had sealed the crawl space offered to replace it with this Aprilaire unit for $1600. I told them I would think about it and within days went online to see what I could find. Crawl Space DIY offered the lowest price. I ordered it and it was shipped the same day. It arrived three days later.

    It took about an hour to install, including getting it off my porch and into the crawl space by myself. After establishing the settings according to the owner’s manual, within two hours the humidity in my crawl space had dropped from 72% to 55%! I was impressed, and continue to be. I’ve checked it several times in the past two weeks and it remains in the mid-50’s. It is also very quiet. I am just hopeful it will outlast its 5-year warranty by a few years!

  5. blank

    Mel (verified owner)

    Bought this to replace a Honeywell DR65A2000. This unit is significantly more efficient and quiet. Very pleased with the service from DIY, The unit arrived promptly and in good condition via ups. Highly recommend for crawlspace.

  6. blank

    John J. Scavo

    The Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier was simple to install, wire up to the remote 8620W Controller and operate. I’m very happy with the crawl space dehumidifier.

    The 8620W can be “interesting” at times, but overall works well. And the WiFi functionality is why I purchased the unit. And that appears to be working well.

    I did have a few questions for the factory upon installation of the 8620 Controller, and Aprilaire Technical Staff response was excellent!

    I’ve attached a few pictures of the installation.


  7. blank

    John J. Scavo (verified owner)

    The attachment option did not allow me to include more than 1 picture. Here is the 8620W picture.


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