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Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier (Class A) 1200 SQ FT

Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier (Class A) 1200 SQ FT

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Your search for a lightweight 16 Mil vapor and gas barrier with best in class Perm rate is complete, you will like working with Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier.  Weighing only 47 pounds per 1,000 square feet, with dimensions 12’ x 100’ (1,200 FT2), and a Perm rate of 0.0015 this is the best vapor barrier on the market.


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How Important Are Vapor Barriers?

A vapor barrier is crucial to protecting your home from mold, musty odors, and water damage. Vapor barriers, such as the Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier, prevent interstitial condensation and water vapors from damaging your home. With 12’ x 100’ (1,200 FT2) dimensions, our product can cover your next project.

Lastly, our products provide a cost-effective, long-term solution to water damage. The Viper Woven 16 Mil is typically made of plastic or foil sheet, and you can easily place our product on your walls or ceilings.

About The Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier

What makes a good vapor barrier? First, the Viper Woven 16 Mil has a low 0.0015 PERM rate. The PERM rate dictates the permeance or “water vapor transmission” a product has. The higher the rating, the more water a product allows to pass through. Our product has the perfect rating for protecting your home. Our product allows stops water vapor while properly diffusing it. Proper diffusion allows your walls and ceilings to naturally dry out. This natural dry prevents condensation, mold, and mildew from building up within your home.

Additionally, our Viper Woven 16 Mil is lightweight. A lighter weight means easier installation and maintenance. Additionally, our product is made with a white, triple-ply, extrusion coated, and virgin polyethylene membrane. The high-density fibers yield the highest strength to weight ratio. This strength makes our vapor barriers more puncture resistant than our competitors.

Is your crawl space or basement mostly ground? No problems! The Viper Woven 16 mil is made for extended contact with soil. As an under-slab vapor retarder, our product is perfect for contact with soil or granular fill. This means our product can easily prevent moisture transmission from the ground to the air.

Where does the vapor barrier go?

Vapor barriers work best on floors and walls where water is most likely to gather. Furthermore, our product can be placed around poles, columns, and pipes.

During the vapor barrier installation, you’ll want to place our product on the side of the wall that experiences hotter temperature and moister conditions. A sealant is best for keeping the barrier in place.

The Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier offers exceptional protection against water, water vapor, and gas transfer and has a high soil tolerance and high durability. Lastly, our barrier is available in sections measuring 12’ x 100’ (1,200 FT2).

Order the Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier today!

Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier Specifications

Viper Woven 16 Mil Vapor Barrier Results
Property Test Method Imperial
Color (front/back) N/A WHITE/WHITE
Thickness (nominal) N/A 16-MIL
Weight (per msf) N/A 47 LBS
Classification ASTM E 1745 CLASS A, B, C
Tensile Strength (new material) ASTM E 154, SEC. 9 167 LBF/IN (MD)
158 LBF/IN (TD)
Tensile Strength (after soaking) ASTM E 154, SEC. 9 165 LBF/IN (MD)
163 LBF/IN (TD)
Tear Strength ASTM D 751 TONGUE 62 LBS. (WARP)
60 LBS. (WEFT)
Grab Tensile* ASTM D 751 242 LBF (directional avg)
Bursting Strength ASTM D 751 MULLEN 371 LBS
Puncture Resistance (maximum weight sustained) ASTM D 1709 25,335 GRAMS
Puncture Resistance ASTM D 5602 123 LBS
CBR Puncture ASTM D 6241 594 LBF
Maximum use temperature N/A 180° F
Minimum use temperature N/A -70° F
Water vapor permeance ASTM E 96 / 154 SEC. 7 .0015 PERMS
Water vapor transmission rate ASTM E 96 / 154 SEC. 7 .00055 GRAINS/FT2*HR



Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 8 × 8 in

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    Roy Petty

    Worked perfectly for my needs

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