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Winter DIY Projects | Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Winter DIY projects – this is a great time to work in the Crawl Space and impact your entire home.

If you are putting together a home improvement to-do list, consider doing some work in your crawl space. Really, winter is a great time of year to work in the crawl space. The colder season means the crawl space will be the driest it will be all year. Plus, it’s indoors. It’s like a blank canvas just waiting for you!

Your crawl space project should begin with a goal in mind. Answer this question:
“I could use all this space to if it wasn’t __?”

In that answer you will gain a clear idea of the type of materials you will need and the scope of work that will need to be completed.

For example, you might answer:
“I could use all this space for storage if it wasn’t so humid and moldy during the summer.”

Extreme humidity and mold are two very important reasons to tackle this type of project, but you may also notice musty odors in both the lower level and upper living space, nasty insect or rodent infestation, poor indoor air quality, sweating or excess condensation on ductwork, wood rot, and finally, cold, uncomfortable or buckling floors. So, how can you combat these issues permanently and make use of all of that wasted space? Luckily, you have several options and products available to help you tackle the job.

In order to use the crawl space for storage, which is especially helpful for all of those holiday decorations and personal keepsakes, you should consider encapsulation. With encapsulation, a heavy-duty vapor barrier liner is installed on the crawl space floor and walls, giving you more durability and flexibility when it comes to utilizing the space. Not only do the liners seal your crawlspace off from harmful outside elements, but it is definitely friendlier for your knees. Imagine moving heavy boxes along a gravel or dirt floor. Ouch!

You can further seal up the area and improve the insulation of your crawl space by adding spray foam insulation into the mix. We recommend a product such as DOW Great Stuff Pro. This is a fantastic product that is cost effective and easy for any DIY’er to install themselves. This material, once installed in the floor joists, will stop drafts and make your home more energy efficient. And a more energy efficient home means less money out of your pocket for monthly bills.

Once you tackle sealing up the crawl space environment from the nasty odors and critters, it is time to attack the excess humidity. Hanging a dehumidifier designed specifically for the crawl space means dry air, which translates to no mold and moisture. This means safe storage for your belongings, and much better air quality for you. Plus, think of how much healthier your family will be not having all that mold in the house each summer!

So, if you are building that winter DIY list, add one more project – your crawl space. But keep in mind, not all encapsulation liners or dehumidifiers are created equal. A cheap plastic liner will deteriorate in a short period of time, can let off nasty odors, and will never truly seal off the space from the outside. A dehumidifier purchased from a big box store is not nearly as effective at managing your humidity levels as a professional-grade model.

Here at Crawl Space DIY, we offer all of the quality materials used by the best contractors in the country. I know, because I was one. And, don’t forget to utilize our pro advice and step-by-step installation guides.

Start your Winter DIY project today using by our planning tools in the Crawl Space Encapsulation DIY Step-By-Step guide.

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