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Santa Fe Compact70 Optional 8 Inch x 25 Feet Insulated Flex Duct

Santa Fe Compact70 Optional 8 Inch x 25 Feet Insulated Flex Duct


The Santa Fe Compact70 Insulated Flex Duct allows for the collection and targeted distribution of crawl space or basement air. Our flex duct makes upgrading your Compact70 easy and stress-free.


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Breathe Easy With The Santa Fe Compact70 Flex Duct

Your Santa Fe Dehumidifier is the top of the level device. The Compact70 can fit nearly anywhere and provide cleaner air. Our powerful unit ensures your home’s humidity levels stay down, all while remaining as energy-efficient as possible. Furthermore, the compact nature of our dehumidifier makes installing it in out the way places much easier than with older, bulkier models.

Our Santa Fe Insulated Flex Duct is an optional add-on for your Compact70 dehumidifier. The duct is perfect for when you want to hide your device in a nook or corner. Furthermore, the tube allows you to dehumidify an otherwise inaccessible area or pump air from one room to another. Luckily, the flex duct is flexible and long-lasting because it is made from durable, sturdy material.

We suggest using the 25-foot long flex duct with the air return vent and the supply duct. Both the return and supply are sold separately.

Why Should You Buy Our Santa Fe Flex Duct?

  • Compatible with multiple models – Our return duct is compatible with the Santa Fe Impact155, Santa Fe Compact70, and Santa Fe Advance90. Through cross-capability, we keep things simple.
  • Efficiently run ductwork to your desired location – Do you have a finished basement where you don’t want to see our dehumidifier? You can place your Compact70 in the utility room and run the flex duct into the basement for easy access.
  • Move air from one room to another – The Santa Fe flex duct excels at reducing noise and vibrations from our dehumidifier. Furthermore, our flex duct, combined with our supply duct and return duct, lets you remove air from one place and have it to blow the air into another room.
  • Insulated Flex Duct – An insulated flex duct achieves even more moisture control by eliminating dead zones. This elimination occurs through directing the supply of dehumidified air within the crawlspace or basement.
  • Quality materials – The material is flexible and pliable, which makes installation simple. Furthermore, the material is durable and long-lasting.
  • Our product is available in 6,8,10,&12″ diameters, 25′ sections

Breathe Easy With The Santa Fe Compact70 Flex Duct

Keep the air flowing in your home, no matter where your dehumidifier is. Along with the supply duct and return duct (both sold separately), you increase the reach of your dehumidifier. Order our flex tube today and start breathing easy.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 25 in


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Testimonials from Our customers

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    I received this dehumidifier a few weeks ago for my basement and I can’t be any happier with the product. The best part is that there ...

  • Brittney Amos

    Fast Shipping, I just got it installed yesterday but so far I love being able to control it with my phone. Will buy again from Crawl Space D...

  • Eli Weiss

    The main reason I bought from this company is due to free shipping. I went with this dehumidifier due to the ultra-compact design and it fit...

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    I couldn’t believe how fast this dehumidifier arrived at my home and it being free shipping was the cherry on top for me. I will be a ...

  • Cody Stevenson

    This liner was great. I needed help installing it and Crawl Space was able to give me some pointers over the phone....

  • Mike Stiers

    I really like this white drainage matting. Looks great in my crawl space! The price was the best of found for this quality of product....

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