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Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System (R-12) 4’ X 25’ (100 SQ FT)

Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System (R-12) 4’ X 25’ (100 SQ FT)


Looking for an easy to install R-12 wall insulation for your crawl space walls, frost line portion of your basement walls?  The Insul-Barrier is exactly what you need and the prices you definitely want!


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What Is The Best Insulation For My Home?

The best insulation will protect against moisture, heat, and chill. Additionally, the best insulation lasts long, is easy to install, and requires little to no maintenance. Fortunately, the Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System is an insulated vapor barrier perfect for your crawl space, basement, and attic. Our product features reflective technology and powerful insulating layers which deliver the best thermal performance. This performance keeps unwanted moisture and temperatures from invading your living or working space.

About The Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System

There are five layers to the Insul-Barrier. These layers are designed for fluffing. This fluffing aids installation by ensuring adequate airspace among the layers. Furthermore, there are two outside Polyethylene skins (outside layers). These skins are designed to protect the inside of your product from damage and to create an effective moisture barrier

Lastly, one skin is reflective white, and the other is reflective silver. Within the reflective silver, Polyethylen skin is a high-density bubble pack, followed by two layers of high-density closed-cell foam. Then, the protective reflective white surface is the last layer.

The top and bottom are hemmed while the bulk of the “blanket” is designed to separate for airspace.

Our product is made as a single 4’ x 25’ panel, factory-installed grommets space along the top hem allow easy installation.

Furthermore, Our product provides water vapor protection as well as energy efficiency. The Insul-Barrier rolls are easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. This maneuverability makes our multi-layer “blanket” wall insulation system perfect for crawl spaces and frost line coverage (top 4’) in basements.

What is a good R-value for exterior walls?

R-Value measures the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Our product is perfect for basements and crawl spaces because the R-12 rating prevents moisture trapping. This prevention lowers mold while increasing air quality. The Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System provides enough room for your room to breathe while avoiding the accumulation of water vapors, heat, and chill.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency With The Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System

Installing insulation is a tricky job. You can over-insulate your home by trapping moisture in your walls. However, our product’s manual can help walk you through the best ways of insulating your home.

Order the Insul-Barrier and provide your home with energy efficiency, cleaner air, and water protection.

Insul-Barrier Wall System Results
Property Test Method Imperial
Color (front/back) N/A WHITE/SILVER
Weight N/A 10 LBS. / 100 SQ. FT.
R-Value Performance (MATERIAL) ASTM C 1371 R 8.73
R-Value Performance (WALL SYSTEM) ASTM C 1371 R 12 *
Tensile Strength (BUBBLE PACK) ASTM D 412-98 136 PSI
Compression Set ASTM D 3575-00 4.30%
Compression Set ASTM D 3575-10-16 3.20%
Bursting Strength (BUBBLE PACK) ASTM D 751-00 (BALL BURST) 95.1 LBF
Bursting Strength (BUBBLE PACK) ASTM D 751-00 (MULLEN) 90 PSI
Smoke Devoped Index ASTM E 84 20 SDI (CLASS A)
Maximum use temperature N/A 180° F
Minimum use temperature N/A -60° F
Water vapor permeance ASTM E 96 / 154 SEC. 7 .002 PERMS (CLASS A)

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in

1 review for Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System (R-12) 4’ X 25’ (100 SQ FT)

  1. blank

    Julie layton (verified owner)

    I used this on my crawlspace block walls, it went up so easily and truly blocked the cold, highly recommend this prouct

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    Insul-Barrier Walls Insulation System (R-12) 4’ X 25’ (100 SQ FT) + blank + Fasteners
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