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Level Your Floors With The Pre-Cast Poly Footer | Joist Stabilizer

Level Your Floors With The Pre-Cast Poly Footer | Joist Stabilizer


The Pre-Cast Poly Footer provides the best solution for sinking and unlevel floors. With the poly footer, you can ensure your floors are leveled and structurally sound.


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How do I fix my home’s foundation problems?

Sagging floors, like most basement and foundation repairs, are difficult DIY jobs. Fortunately, the pre-cast poly footer is a reinforced foundation to help hold your floor stabilizer in place. This powerful high-strength polymer concrete provides your home with stability and protection. Support piers and floor joists are only as strong as their base. With the pre-cast poly footer, you can give your quality stabilizers the base they need.

How do I know if my floor joists are bad?

  • There are cracks in your interior drywalls, cracks in foundation walls, or cracks in flooring
  • You’ve noticed moist, rotting, or moldy wood joists
  • There are tilting or sinking crawl space supports
  • Your home may not have enough floor joists
  • There are sagging, sloping, and uneven floors throughout your home
  • Your floors are shifting or bouncing
  • There is cupping hardwood flooring, cracked tile flooring, or bubbling linoleum flooring

Our pre-cast poly footers are perfect for basements or crawl spaces. They are lightweight and functional, as well as designed to last. Furthermore, they will increase the value of your home while keeping your family safe and secure.

What Makes Our Pre-Cast Poly Footer The Best Option?

  • They are low-profile and relatively lightweight compared to heavier, concrete based models.
  • Our models deliver impressive instant modular support to interior pier support systems.
  • Additionally, our lightweight foundations are multifunctional and less-labor intensive.
  • Lastly, our tested and proven product will ensure your sagging floors and rotten floor joists are correctly supported.

Order Your Pre-Cast Poly Footer Today!

Are your floors sagging, or do you notice heavy creaking? Sagging floors and other problems are a clear sign of failing floor supports. Failing supports can endanger your family and cost you thousands in repairs. Fortunately, our pre-cast poly footer is made of the robust and durable material you need to keep your home stable.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 5 × 21 in


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